Senior Check List


Take/Retake the ACT or SAT

  • As Juniors last year, there was a day designated for the class to take the SAT. If you are not happy with your score from the SAT I would suggest you take it again. Considering test results say people who took it twice did better the second time. There is also a fee waiver for the test if you meet the requirements.
  • OR try the ACT there is also a free wavier for the test if you meet the requirements.
  • There are dates for these test on the other page
  • Visit top College choices
  • Visiting your top choices will help you get the feel of the campus. They will give you a guided tour with some colleges may even let you sit in on a class so you know what a college course will be like.
  • Rule of Thumb:  You just can’t show up one day at the campus and asked to be showed around.  When you want to visit a college you can either visit the college website and they usually have certain days that new coming freshman can come and visit or you can go to the College and Career Center in the Library and we will research the information together.

 College Applications

  • Texas Public Colleges-
    • West Texas A&M University, Amarillo College, Texas Tech, ECT…
  • Private Colleges-
    • Wayland Baptist University, Southern Methodist University (SMU), Texas Christian University (TCU), ECT

College Application Fee(S)

  • YES, most colleges require that you pay for filling out the application for their college so they know you are serious about wanting to go to their University.
  • If you meet the requirements to receive a fee waiver for the ACT or SAT you can be eligible for a fee waiver to some universities applications. (4 is the maximum)

 Essays- If Required

  • With essays you always want to make them personal so the college can know all about you. You want to come up with a catchy opening line and DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT start the essay with, “My name is So and So”. I have heard many college recruiters say they do not read the essay if they begin with that sentence.
  • Always triple check for grammar mistakes!!!!

 Letters of Recommendation – If Required

  • Two (2)  at the most
  • They can be from your principal, teacher, counselor, family friend, work…
    • Always write a thank you card to those who do write one for you.


  • You need to request an official High school transcript from the registrar. She has a notebook by her desk that you write your name and the address in which it needs to be sent.
  • If you have taken dual credit, you need to request a transcript from AC—please come to the college in career center in the library and I can help with that process.


  • There are several ways to apply for scholarships!
    • There are scholarships within the college. They are on the college website OR when you are filling out the application for the college you want to go to sometimes there is a little box that ask if you would like to earn a scholarship. ALWAYS CHECK THAT BOX!!!
    • Local and FASFA scholarship/grants begin  on  January  1st and you need your parents/Guardians tax return in order to apply for FASFA
    • National- there are numerous national scholarships and I also have a list of websites that have access to scholarships
      • NEVER pay for a scholarship, it defeats the purpose. I have seen some websites that say, “Hey pay this amount and you’ll get a scholarship”. It is a SCAM!!!

Financial Aid

  • You need to go to the FASFA website and complete the application.  The opening date for the 2013-2014 year is January 1st. You will have to fill out this form once but, you will need it to receive a grant, loan, a college or national scholarship. You Parents/guardian will need their tax return in order for you to submit your application.


Once you have made your decision on what college

  • You need to register for new student orientation
  • Apply for a dorm, If you are living on campus
  • Let other colleges know you are not going to attend them by May 1st


***Please remember if you have any questions, concerns, need help, or anything please come to the College and Career Center in the Library. I would love to will help you!!!***


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